Website Updates – May 2020

May 2020 is starting with a bang – and that means a full update of the website.

Here’s the full changelog of what’s been updated:

  • Snow Day Dashboard – Project page has been written
  • CenHud Outage Trends – Minor rewrite to update it with Version 2
  • Snow Day API – Major rewrite
  • – Major rewrite, now the longest article on the site
  • CollegeSpamChecker – Minor rewrite to add some clarity
  • Custom EBT – Minor rewrite to update things for the modern day
  • OKToFly – Minor rewrite to update the page based on the status of OKToFly
  • PyWeather Archives – Page updated as is, with hopefully the YT Videos/Cast files going up soon
  • Snow Day Predictor – Updated for the end of the 2019-2020 season
  • LineageOS for the VZW G2 – Major rewrite to get rid of bad writing, has a lot more clarity now
  • PyWeather – Bottom of the page has been rewritten
  • CS Realms – Added a note about the writing style at the top of the page
  • PIPupdate – Minor rewrite as to clarify the state of the project
  • Python Projects – Updated to clarify that they will never be posted to GitHub
  • PyTerm – Minor rewrite for a better writing tone, and for more details
  • o355 Games – Minor rewrite to reflect that the project is now dead
  • Mad Libs C++ – Minor rewrite
  • LAN VA – Medium rewrite to remove some bad writing, and for more clarity
  • Semi-Ultimate Wireless Router – Minor rewrite to get rid of some bad writing and add a little more clarity
  • Free Fonts Exploit – Minor rewrite for better clarity & writing style
  • Race for Diamonds – Minor rewrite to add some clarity about the project and what it does
  • SurvivalCraft-MC Network – Medium rewrite to add some additional thoughts & details about the project
  • Brickbreaker – Very minor edits to keep the page up-to-date
  • Scratch Projects – Medium rewrite to include more details about Scratch projects
  • Pi-hole Block Lists – Added a contact email on the page
  • Project Versioning Tracker – Updated as of 5/1/2020
  • Exploits – Major rewrite of the entire page, the old writing style was hot garbage
  • Dovetail’s DLC – Updated as of 5/1/2020
  • Home page – Updated: removed the sysadmin block, and expanded on the bottom block below the two main blocks
  • CSS fixes – Improved the CSS of the dropdown menu for better contrast


Now that’s a lot of site updates. I’m working now on updating my visual portfolio, including adding smaller projects under a new Experiments section. That should be done sometime before mid-May.

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