How Hot Is It In My Dorm Room? (2020)

It was a hot and humid day in my dorm room. Faced with class in 45 minutes and the unbearable heat of 83 degrees, my brain had an idea.

What if I could, like, see how hot it is in my dorm room so I can come back when it’s cooler?

With just 45 minutes, I hastily made How Hot Is It In My Dorm Room, by copying all of WebWork Status, changing up a few things, and then going to class so that’s pretty cool woohoo!

How Hot was actually pretty useful though. It had graphs. I could be that nerd who was like

Check this out I can see how hot it is in my dorm room!1!1!

(and I totally was)


But what makes me less of a nerd is our sponsor, Squarespace. Squarespace is where my Portfolio lives, specifically, the visual representation of this project. Go check it out at the link below!