OKToFly (2018-2020)

This project has a visual representation available on my Portfolio.


Drones are a really, really cool thing. You shoot up this tiny little flying quadcopter 399 feet up into the air and you get some stunning views.

But, drones are also really sensitive to the weather. So, being me, I wanted to find a tool where I could quickly check if it would be OK to fly.

I didn’t find anything. And so I decided to create OKToFly. That’s actually the project name. No joke.


OKToFly is a nice little tool programmed in Python (of course it’s in Python) that uses the Dark Sky API and some maths to figure out if it’s OK to fly.

“Hey OKToFly, is it OK to fly? Yes, it is OKToFly, thanks OK to Fly!”


The actual intention of OKToFly was to expose myself to the Dark Sky API, after the Wunderground API went kaput. What’s also super funny is that the Dark Sky API is also going kaput.

OKToFly was supposed to take two different routes – the CLI version would be developed first, and then a GUI version based on Qt would be developed next. Apparently in early 2019, I really wanted to make native desktop apps.

The Qt version never came to fruition, but I did update the CLI version with some various fixes and some extra features in early 2020, just to sort of round off the program, push it into v1, and properly put it to bed.

At this point, I’ve considered OKToFly finished, as it does exactly what I wanted it to do. Since the Dark Sky API will go kaput after 2021, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to keep working on this project.


Source code is here: https://gitlab.com/o355/oktofly