Snow Day Tools (2019-2020)

This project has a visual representation available on my Portfolio.

The Snow Day Tools was an experimental project designed to make managing the Snow Day API a bit easier.

Before the Snow Day Tools, I was primary managing the Snow Day API from Termux commands on my phone. While it did the job just fine, it also wasn’t the most intuitive thing on the planet. With the introduction of templated messages (filling in variables to compose an entire message blast), I needed a way to properly send out API commands to send new messages.

With that, I got to work building a simple suite of web tools for a more graphical way of interacting with the API. All the Snow Day Tools use Bootstrap combined with a little JS to send API requests. I made tools for 6 API methods that I could more easily interact with (basically copy & paste, adjust for different tools).

During the 2019-2020 season, I did use the new message blast tool a lot, and it made sending message blasts much easier. The other tools were rarely used, but it was a fun experiment to modify the tools to fit certain API methods.

Overall, a simple little project to make my life a bit easier.

Source code:

(Licensed under the MIT License)