PyWeather 3 (2021-)

PyWeather 3 is basically PyWeather 2, but with me going

I want more weather! Now!

Armed with a bigger display, three more sensors, and some amount of time, I got to work. And then many hours later, *poof*, PyWeather 3 popped into existence.

PyWeather 3 was what PyWeather 2 should have been. Bigger, better, faster (well, not really), stronger, and more object-oriented. And that’s what it is. It shows loads more weather data than PyWeather 2. It has 4x the sensors for indoor monitoring. And it’s just cooler.

And, when I stop being lazy, it has 4 buttons so I can switch to different screens. Just gotta code them first. 🙁

Anyone got that visual representation of this project on my Portfolio?