PyWeather Archives

Welcome to the PyWeather Archives.

As Wunderground’s API went down in early 2019, I was able to record all 23 versions of PyWeather in action when the API was still alive, to preserve the development history & progress of PyWeather across two years.


Please note of a few things:

  • To make older versions of PyWeather work, custom modification was required beforehand. Generally, this meant adding user agents or API keys to geocoders before recording to bypass errors that wouldn’t occur when that version of PyWeather was released.
  • If a known bug is found in PyWeather and causes a crash during recording, I let it be! That’s the whole point – preserving PyWeather.
  • The API key you see in the demos is the bundled PyWeather key in versions 1.0.0-1.0.1
  • Everything is recorded on KDE Neon
  • In the config file some (but not all) default settings are used. Some non-default settings that get turned on are extra tools, and nearest city in hurricane data.
  • A custom geocoder key is not turned on (to save my API key for myself and as per default settings) in 0.3 beta – 0.6.3 beta – but is active to make PyWeather work.
  • Recordings are only available in an Asciinema link for now. I hope to get the YouTube screen recordings (which contain demos of the radar GUI) up soon.


Asciinema recordings:


Special recordings:


I hope to release the .cast files and YouTube links to screen recordings soon.