Local Area Network Virtual Airlines (2015)

Back in 2015, I decided to make a virtual airline for Infinite Flight called Local Area Network (shortened to LAN whenever a certain South American airline isn’t looking…) Virtual (as in, it’s not real) Airlines. As per my other dead projects, the hopes were high, ambitions were big!

But since about no one joined (and was interested), I closed it down.

So, I’ll go over some features of the airline and the website (primarily) of what I made:

  • Not created using Weebly, Wix
  • Created using WordPress and the Zerif Lite theme
  • Flight tracking system (10 entries per page, also is an archive to older flights)
  • Extensive route map with Mapbox that’s amazingly still up
  • iFrames for the route map
  • Chat system for pilots (Operations center, in case of emergency, or something going wrong)
  • Flight logging system for pilots, to keep the flight status log updated and accurate
  • MUCH better application for becoming a staff member
  • Ranks (trainee, junior pilot, pilot, senior pilot, addictive pilot depending on how often the person can fly (coming soon)
  • Operations page (about crews, airplanes, staff, etc, and routes)

It was an impressive operation, but of course no one joined, and I shut it down.


Of course, that is until about three years later, when in 2018, the actual South American Airline who just coincidentally shares the same acronym as Local Area Network thought, “oh my goodness this site is taking away market share and confusing our customers!”, and told me to take down the site. I did comply with the request, since the site was on the chopping block. The site had a lot of plugin bloat…let’s just say.

But then they also wanted me to take down the project page. I go “wait hold up a minute what”, and just decided to shrug it off, and live my life.

But this South American airline kept on going with the emails. I never responded, and the emails stopped coming in.

Then, I eventually got an email from my hosting provider’s abuse team saying that this South American airline had filed an abuse report for this project page. If I didn’t comply, the VPS I use would be terminated. So, I decided to instead use the full, proper name of this virtual airline, Local Area Network Virtual Airlines.

Rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?

In case you didn’t get the joke, the VA was actually named after the real South American airline, but then I realized LAN = Local Area Network. They don’t own that, expand the name, the end.

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