Since I’ve upgraded to a new VPS with lots of storage, I’m able to upload significant chunks of my static web archive online. This includes older sites of mine that aren’t online anymore. Each site has notes about, along with where to enter into that static web archive.

I’m not able to put every site I have on the web archive. There’s lots of reasons for me not putting stuff on the archive, but it boils down to three main reasons. Personal information about myself could be derived from a website on the archive, I’d get a DMCA takedown request for the website (been there done that), and sometimes it’s just not worth putting up a website because there’s nothing valuable about it (or it’s a duplicate of another archive).

All sites on the static archive were made with WinHTTrack.

Update – May 2021

As part of the Squarespace migration, the static archive is now hosted on


Quick disclaimer/note

It should be obviously noted that I’ve grown quite a lot since these websites were in operation – this is especially important when looking at archives such as SurvivalCraft-MC Network. The version of myself represented in those archives is not the version of myself as I stand here today.

I feel as if I have a responsibility to keep these older websites alive. While they may not represent the person that I am today, they are a piece of my personal history, and represent where I was back in the early/mid 2010s in terms of technical skills. It’s also a nice reflection of where I’ve come since these sites were archived, even if some of these archived websites are embarrassing to myself today.

I continue to apply this on my website today. Remember the old “I hate” post that was horribly written? Or my older posts about hating Apple? I keep them online as a time capsule, because it’s a part of my history. Sure, those posts don’t represent me today (I think is actually a decent site now & I daily drive an MBP 16 inch!), but I keep them online to see where I’ve come from.

Keep this in mind as you browse the archive. Otherwise, enjoy a trip down memory lane!

Known Issues

There are some known issues with some sites on the archive. I’ll be attempting to fix them as soon as I can. Issues can include slow loading times, missing fonts/stylesheets, etc.

  • SurvivalCraft-MC Stats
  • SurvivalCraft-MC Network
  • o355’s Place Archive

I will attempt to fix these sometime in summer 2021.


Fanta Script

FantaScript was a “scripting language” made at an iD Tech camp one year. Based on Java, it’s 100% a joke but you can technically write some very basic programs with it, I guess? And there’s an advertisement to go along with it!


  • Site was re-archived in July 2020 for full styling from an August 4, 2016 backup.
  • Some links may go to the original URL of the site, so keep that in mind as you browse the archive.

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network Stats

Stats for the SurvivalCraft-MC Network from BlueStats 3. Shows some stats from the SurvivalCraft-MC Network when it was alive. I don’t know when the stats period starts and ends, so that’s very much a thing.


  • Site was archived in July 2020 from an August 4, 2016 backup, which was about 15 days before the server shut down. I don’t know if the BlueStats 3 plugin was running at that time.
  • Relative times on the website won’t update, so keep that in mind. Archive date was late July 2020 for some reference.
  • Links at the top will go to, which doesn’t exist.
  • The previous/next buttons on the All Players page don’t work. However, all the players are there. The page loaded with some jQuery appended after load (which HTTrack wouldn’t pick up), so I manually added all the players.
  • Icons on home page won’t load because they’re mixed content. I’ll try to fix this.

Entry point: Click here


Snow Day Support Helpdesk

Helpdesk for the Snow Day Predictor that I ran. Nobody used it (a classic), but it did have a decent knowledgebase, so that’s why I’m uploading it.


  • Submitting tickets and stuff like that won’t work, and will probably lead you to a 404.

Entry point: Click here

Local Area Networks Virtual Airlines

The famous virtual airline that a certain South American airline company hates. Anyone want to guess when this archive will go down?


  • Route map will no longer work, Mapbox deprecated classic styles
  • I had to strip some contact information from the website to protect my privacy.
  • Some links will lead you to a 404

Coming soon.

Pie Kit Kat 2k15

Joke site made at iD Tech camp to pie an instructor at iD Tech. Very temporary website but somehow it’s managed to stay alive for the past 5 years (somehow?)

Pie Kit Kat 2k15 entered the static archive in February 2021


  • Site works 100% as far as I can tell.
  • All the game files were captured in the archive.

Entry point: Click here


Snapbot History

Website made to track the historical locations of Snapbot, a vending machine that dispensed Snapchat Spectacles back in 2016. Snapchat did it as a hype campaign for what was a mediocre product (so much so that I fell for it and bought a pair of v1 spectacles in NYC and was instantly disappointed!)


  • Site works 100% as far as I can tell.

Entry point: Click here


Old Status Page

Old Cachet status page that used to be located at Site was archived in September 2017. There are a few incidents in the status page system, so try to see if you can find them.


  • Trying to log into the Dashboard will earn you a 404 from my current status page.

Entry point: Click here



SnapshotCraft was an extension of SurvivalCraft-MC to provide a server to play the latest snapshots on. Server was alive for 5 months or so before going down (and then SurvivalCraft-MC bit the dust a little later)


  • This is a re-archive of the site on a backup from August 4, 2016 (about 15-20 days before the shutdown of the SurvivalCraft-MC Network)
  • Everything should work properly
  • Some dead links will occur

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network

The SurvivalCraft-MC Network was the flagship Minecraft server I ran from 2013-2016. Website is pretty packed, and is a re-archive based on an August 4, 2016 backup. Basically all the posts leading up to the demise of the SurvivalCraft-MC Network on August 16, 2016 aren’t there, I need to see if I can restore that from a September 2016 backup.

(tl;dr about the drama – I got doxxed, freaked out and made way too many posts about it. All started from a very stupid “war” about another server copying the SCMC name, and you’ll see a decent amount of posts about the drama. Server was shut down on 8/16/2016 when things went too far. Honestly, can’t complain because then I started coding in November 2016 and I can’t see myself still running an MC server today)

Making an archive of this site fully meant that I needed to spin up a Raspberry Pi with Apache & PHP 5 (PHP 7 is too new for the versions of WordPress from 2016), upload the SQL database to a local MariaDB server, then modify the WP config to point to the right SQL, and then use my Pi-hole to point to my Pi. There’s a new feature in Version 5 for local DNS records, and it absolutely saved my bacon when doing these re-archives.


  • It’s all there! The images, the content of the website, it’s literally all there. Even the timeline of all the server events.
  • Some icons aren’t loading properly and fonts definitely aren’t loading properly. Mixed content issues strike again! I’ll try to fix soon.
  • If you get stuck on the infinite loading, try refreshing the site. It seems like one library didn’t make the cut and I need to remove the reference to that in JS and so that affects a bunch of the website. Will try mass editing soon.
  • As mentioned earlier, this is an archive based on an August 4, 2016 backup of my web server (HostGator) at the time. If I ever do another round of re-archiving down the road, I’ll see if I can spin up a backup from September 2016.
  • Voting links & forum link is dead (forums are a different section of the archive, and I didn’t want HTTrack going into the forums)
  • Post archives by month don’t work

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network Forums

Old forums for the SurvivalCraft-MC Network. I believe this was archived in July 2017 (it has the old myBB theme, and thus no calendar for WinHTTrack to get stuck on). Everything should be there.


  • Submitting posts, searching, anything that would involve a PHP connection back to the origin server won’t work.
  • Probably some 404 links will exist
  • If you navigate this archive correctly, you will find a barebones version of the SCMC website that was archived after the shutdown of the server (archive was made on 9/22/2017)

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network Report Forums

Old and unused report forum for SurvivalCraft-MC network. Ran on myBB, archived sometime in 2017 as far as I know.


  • Submitting posts, searching, anything that would involve a PHP connection back to the origin server won’t work.
  • Probably some 404 links will exist
  • Same deal as with the SCMC Forums, if you navigate the archive correctly, you’ll find a barebones version of the SCMC website archived after the shutdown of the server (archive was made on 9/22/2017)

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network Blogspot

Blogspot used in the first 3-4 months of the server life to communicate updates. The blogspot remains online, but I archived it just in case it goes down. I also did the same for both Enjin websites, but I’ll upload those if those forums go down at some point in the future.


  • Site should work fine. Server-side stuff probably won’t work, and to be honest I haven’t tested the archive much.

Entry point: Click here


SurvivalCraft-MC Network TS3 Ban Index

Very simple and old TS3 ban index for the SurvivalCraft-MC Network TeamSpeak 3 server. Rearchived in July 2020.


  • I had to modify the original index page so that you can navigate to the 2 bans that exist (and for WinHTTrack to pick the pages up)

Entry point: Click here


o355’s Place Archive

Archive of o355’s Place, captured sometime in 2014 or 2015. It’s got all the cringe you can expect from my site in 2013.


  • I had to modify a part of the website to remove some personal information.
  • Site mostly works. There are some 404s, and some links will go nowhere. Keep that in mind.

Coming soon (early August 2020)