Scratch Projects (2013-2015)

A long time ago, I made some Scratch projects.

(In the previous revision of this page, the first sentence was: I made a long time back ago some Scratch projects. My writing has certainly improved a lot.)

I made some cool projects, and also pretty complex ones too. Namely, Horse Clicker was a flagship project of mine back then. The basic idea is that you clicked a horse, and then feature creep just came to town three times over.

Some features of Horse Clicker included:

  • Translations (the only project that I ever did translations for)
  • Semantic versioning (before I knew what Semantic versioning was)
  • A horse clicker (obviously)
  • Music (??)
  • Take photos with a horse sticker (???)
  • Click as fast as you can (????)
  • Other random stuff

Please don’t ask why I spent so much time on a Horse Clicker.


I’ve moved on from Scratch since then. But, if you’d still like to visit my old projects, you can do so here:

Please be warned, these projects will probably contain bugs, bad english, cringe, and just stupid stuff.

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