PIPupdate (2016-2019)

This project has a visual representation available on my Portfolio.


PIPupdate was a simple script that I made after wanting to update all my PIP applications, while also being bored on Christmas vacation. Let me explain.


PIP for Python is basically the apt of Python. 3rd party libraries are distributed through PIP, and PIP generally acts as a package manager, fetching the packages, and installing them using each libraries’ setup.py script.

Sadly, there isn’t a pip upgrade or pip update command, so I decided to create PIPupdate, which was an updater for PIP.



It’s a basic script that updates your packages. There is no detection for packages that don’t need updating, and it just does what it needs to do.

I made this script in a few days over Christmas break in December 2016. After Christmas break, development mostly stopped.

Sometime in 2017/2018, PIPupdate broke with the introduction of PIP 10. I issued a fix to get it working again.

Later in 2019, I updated PIPupdate again with some minor fixes & additions.

Right now, there’s a backport update waiting for users of pip 9 or lower (which is nobody now, right?)


Regardless, it’s a cool script. Don’t use it on FreeNAS! It broke my NAS (long story).


You can view PIPupdate over here: https://gitlab.com/o355/pipupdate