WebWork Status (2020-)

Twas two nights before a WebWork assignment and all through the university, Calc 2 and 3 plebs had an assignment due. Snuggled up on their computers with WebWork in hand, the servers crashed and then Owen was mad and then he went

What if I could like, see if WebWork is down before I try doing an assignment on WebWork

and then three hours later, *poof*, WebWork Status was born.

(this is a real story)


WebWork Status is actually a cool project. It was my first object-oriented project (no spaghetti code!), pretty simple and to the point, and useful. It just tells you if WebWork is up or down or maybe in the middle. And because I made it, there’s graphs. Of course there’s graphs.

This is the part where I ask you kindly to look at the visual representation of this project on my Portfolio because I’m lazy and don’t actually want to migrate my WordPress site just yet.