PyTerm (2016-2017)

PyTerm was my first major Python project. Created as my final project at iD 2016, I stopped working on it once camp was over. A few months later, I resumed development of PyTerm, and begun adding features.

PyTerm was an interesting (and mostly useless) concept of mine. It was first known as “Gaming Terminal”, where I would incorporate small games I made into a central hub, and a user would enter a command to call up a game.

When I resumed development after camp, I started to add some more features to PyTerm, and make it into a nice little program that I could play around with, and put to use new things that I used in Python.

With PyTerm, I started getting into Git and software versioning, along with working with basic .json files. Nothing to blow your socks off – but mind you I was very new to the world of Python development.

In late 2016/early 2017, I started to make version 2 of PyTerm, but I also started work on PyWeather, which was a brand new major Python project. At this point, PyTerm was considered dead, and the project hasn’t been worked on since.

It was a nice little project, and I’ll remember it as the first project I made where I did learn some important things I’d use in PyWeather development & project management. It was a good stepping stone before PyWeather.


Source code is available here for PyTerm: