How Hot Is It In My Dorm Room 2 (2021-)

You saw this coming, right? New PyWeather. New Hot Hot Is It In My Dorm Room.

If you did, with that luck, you’d be great at doing Wall Street Bets.


How Hot Is It In My Dorm Room 2, called How Hot 2 sometimes because words are tiring, is the successor to How Hot 1. You know, more sensors, more graphs, new website.

So what’s different you ask? Well, aside from a more object-oriented frontend, a graph switcher, and the additional data types, there’s…

More graphs!

So, a big boy upgrade was denoted.

(i mean, you REALLY need to know the historical delta ug/m^3 PM2.5 concentration over 24 hours…right??!?!?)


It’s like the sponsor spot on every YouTube video. Hit it!


This project has a visual representation available on my Portfolio.