Race for Diamonds (iD 2013)

Race for Diamonds is a project I made at iD in 2013, that was copied off of someone’s idea (Stack Overflow IRL, basically). This is a Minecraft map with some redstone, in which you go find diamonds in a map. There’s a 7 minute time limit, after which you are transported to an area to count your diamonds. Whoever has the most diamonds wins, and then you die after that.

The only flaw with this game is that the diamond ore blocks don’t automatically respawn (I believe 1.8 and newer has commands to set a block somewhere, but this was 1.6). You have to load up new copies of the game to get a fresh start. You could also keep playing on the same copy as the number of diamonds dwindle down. It’s up to you.


Since we’re all in quarantine with coronavirus (when writing this), it’s nigh time to give this game a shot. Have fun!



1.6 download: https://owenthe.dev/stuff/projects/Race_for_diamonds.zip (6 MB, zip format, keep copies on your disk in case you want to play more then once)

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