Introducing the brand new Project Page!

Over the past week or so, I’ve been working hard to update the project page for With hours of hard work comes great reward – and I’m super proud of how the page came out.

The new project page redos the 2019 portion of tracker development, and now includes all the details from making the tracker this year (2020). There’s also tons of images so you can visualize all the new changes that were made, including a few code snippets.

All in all, the article is 10,174 words long. For context – if you try to print out the project page, it’ll be 60 pages long! (please don’t actually print the project page and waste that much paper)

There’s obviously going to be some grammatical hiccups in a 10,000 word long post, and as I see these issues I’ll fix them.


Give it a read!

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