Open-sourcing everything

During the April/May 2020 website updates, I made it a goal of mine to catch up on open-sourcing all the projects that I’ve done, and that I can open-source.

It’s no surprise that I’m a free & open source software fan, and want to open-source everything that I can. However, in the past year, I’ve fallen behind on open-sourcing projects, mainly because I couldn’t prioritize open-sourcing code, given that for each repo, the process takes about 2-10 hours. This includes putting license headers in each file, writing documentation, and making improvements to the code for open-sourcing.

Thanks to the current Covid-19 outbreak, however, I’ve found more time to work on lower-priority work, and as such I’m finally able to catch up on my open-source backlog. In the coming weeks, I’ll be open sourcing all of the Snow Day Predictor-related repos. I’ve already open sourced all of the repos as well.


Source code links are available in the Project Versioning Tracker, under the More tab of the menu. Take a peek at the source code for all the projects I’ve done!

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