Open-sourced everything

My last post was named “Open-sourcing everything”. Well, now I’ve open-sourced everything (basically to the best that I can get)!

This means that all the Snow Day related projects, alongside & previous projects all have code that you can take a peek at, build upon, and improve.


This has been a long time coming to catch up on open-sourcing all my projects. I’ve been incredibly busy the past few months, but with Covid-19 finally freeing up some time, I was able to justify open-sourcing everything. Having the 2020 run also coming to an end helped with this.


A full list of projects that I’ve made with corresponding open-source links can be found in the project versioning tracker. It’s under the More section of the website.


What’s next, you ask? Working on Version 5, and working on the PyWeather archives. Been a long time coming on the latter one…

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