Local Area Network Virtual Airlines – The saga continues!

I’ve written previously about a particular South American airline that really hates their name being anywhere online. I took down the website associated with it, but left the project page up here on my website.

Some time ago I got a request to also take down the project page, which, you know, why? It’s detailing a now non-existent project and it’s past history.


That is, until I got a lovely email from my hosting provider (OVH) and their abuse team, in which they received an email from this airline to take the project page down. That’s two things I didn’t expect to see – LAN still going at it, and the OVH abuse team actually doing something.

Unfortunately I actually have to do something this time, but it still absolutely infuriates me why on earth this airline is trying to take down a project page of all things. It’s like you can’t mention them at all on the Internet without them having a temper-tantrum.


Thankfully I have a very clever solution – LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network, something this South American airline does not own. So, in the project menu, you will now see this project as Local Area Network Virtual Airlines.


I love pissing companies off.

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