Website Updates Update – October 2019

Things have been quite busy lately, and as such, I’ve had almost no time to work on my website. Between college, school and personal projects, my plate has been very full as of lately. Here’s a few quick updates about things, though: support has been extended into 2020:

I quickly logged into my Namecheap panel today to see that I confidently turned off auto-renew for earlier this year, but with so much going on, I haven’t had any time to start migrating my emails and services away from, so I renewed it for another year.

I don’t get many emails on that account, which is very good. However, a lot of my accounts are registered under this email address, and given how busy I am, I haven’t had any time to change the associated email address.


The plan is for support to sunset sometime in early to mid 2020, with a fully updated schedule releasing soon.


The portfolio has been delayed until further notice:

The ambitious release date of October 1 for my portfolio has been delayed until further notice. While I am enjoying the process of getting all the media up on the website, quite frankly, it’s a tedious and tough process. For one demonstration, I spent nearly an hour blurring out and converting a 17-second clip for the website. Given how much of a time detriment this portfolio is, I don’t have a specific release date for the portfolio.

I hope to release it sometime in early November, but this will likely change.


Website updates are delayed until further notice:

The Fall 2019 website updates are now delayed until further notice. Writing pages for my website is fun, but also a huge time detriment. The average page takes about an hour or so to write, and sometimes I’ll have to make multiple drafts due to confusing wording, too much complexity, or too much passive voice. As such, I haven’t been able to carve out the time to make the necessary changes.

I’m targeting mid to late November to start updating project pages, add some new ones, or just do some rewrites in general. But, as with before, this will likely change.


That is all for this update post. I hope to work on the site soon, but things have been very busy.

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