owenthe.dev Website Updates – Fall 2019

Hello everyone – After a very busy summer, it’s time for another go at website updates. The Fall 2019 updates will focus on refining the website, and adding new projects. Unfortunately, since I’m so busy, these website updates will take some time, so that’s why I’m smearing them out through fall 2019. Regardless, the full changelog is below.

  • Minor edits to the GC-QA page (Done)
  • The Dovetail DLC page will be updated twice – once in September (done), and once in December.
  • The portfolio, originally scheduled for launch on 10/1/2019, has been pushed back to 10/15/2019, as I will not be able to complete it in such a short span of time.
  • The track.easterbunny.cc page will be rewritten (ETA October 2019)
  • The Snow Day Predictor page will be rewritten & updated (ETA October 2019)
  • The OKToFly page will be updated (ETA October 2019)
  • The PIPupdate page will be updated (ETA October 2019)
  • The Snow Day Dashboard project will be added to the site (ETA October/November 2019)
  • Any remaining live websites on the archive will be taken down (ETA November/December 2019)
  • The PyWeather archives will hopefully be online (ETA December 2019)

Please look forward to these updates coming soon.


Update (9/29/2019): To say the least, I’m currently the busiest I’ve ever been. As a result, I can’t work on the site as much as I’d like to. Some of the ETAs may be off by about a month, but I’ll start ramping up work sometime around November/December 2019.


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