Introducing…a portfolio for myself!

Going full-circle is just what I love to do.

Here’s the summary: This site is great. It’s great for in-depth looks at all my projects. But, if you’ve only got 5 minutes, and care for something a bit more visual, that’s where this site completely falls flat.

So, to solve this issue, I decided to sign up with Squarespace, and make a portfolio website. Why Squarespace? They’re templates look really nice.

Like, reaaallllyyy nice.

So, the site is now under progress, I’m setting it up, and getting it all going.


This site will feature about 8-9 projects, with visual representations and short .gifs (5-10 seconds) for each project in-depth, so you can get a static and animated representation. I’ll be digging through the archives of time to find images.

These are the projects that have been selected for the portfolio (basically everything in the 2016 to present projects):

  • GC Error Analyzer (the project page isn’t up for this yet, but will be soon!)
  • GC-QA
  • Snow Day API
  • Snow Day Dashboard
  • Snow Day Predictor
  • Snow Day SMS Service
  • PyWeather
  • PIPupdate
  • OKToFly


The portfolio is expected to release by October 1, 2019.

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