The future of the base site, new domains, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hey guys,

There have been loads of changes going on in the realm of this site, and I thought I’d discuss them.

First, we got a new domain,, for my Minecraft server, and I’ve been transferring all contents over to that domain. This means this site WON’T be the base site for everything. This transfer should be done very soon, I hope…

Second, I’m updating the services, which will include the Test Site, along with updated addresses for the services that got a domain change. Any services related to “The SurvivalCraft-MC Network” will get their new address, even though they might not be migrated. It’s NOT a dumb move. As an FYI.

Third, o355’s Place will be getting a revival. I’ll try to find some old footage of the site, but we’ll be using the classic 2013 WP theme, and it’ll be the rebirth, and much more secure, o355’s Place. I always got SQL hacked 🙁

Fourth, a test site has been created. It’s Nothing interesting. Pretty much, it’s a test site!

Fifth, I’ll be giving a little more love to the main site. I’ve been in need of updating it!

Sixth, I’ve updated all WordPress sites to their latest plugins, themes, and versions. The next big all around update comes on October 30.

Seventh, and last, when I backup the site, I’ll also use the WordPress export tool, to have an exported copy of the website. I’m really smart, right?

Anyways, that’s it for now. Loads of things coming, and that have already happened.

Have a fantastical day!

And there is something more secret coming around soon…keep your eyes peeled.

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