Service Updates for November 3, 2015

Hello Ninjas,

It’s time for that time of year again, where I update you on closed services, or any service changes.


In the realm of closed services, any remnants remaining after the removal of 3 sites in Mid October will be fully cleaned, including SQL databases, in the next coming days.


New services will also be emerging. is geared to offer status of “The SuvivalCraft-MC Network”. Along with this,, or as I might get it to be will be up and running soon, geared to offering assistance to those using a server at a coding club (not really…I don’t know) I attend, with a help desk, and that kinda stuff.
There is also maintenance occurring on, as it has gone down. Along with this, all WordPress sites will get plugin/theme updates, along with a time change to UTC -5.


All service updates are reflected in the services page.


Thanks for sticking around!


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