Website Updates – February 2020

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done website updates. I’ve been extremely busy, and unfortunately website updates were put on my backlog of stuff to do.

Regardless, heres the full list of changes coming to the website soon.

  • The Snow Day API page will be rewritten so that it is in sync with the latest code changes.
  • The Snow Day Dashboard page will be created (newish project)
  • New pages for new projects: Portal Bot and Flight Finder – Done
  • The front page will be updated.
  • Older posts will be put into an Archived Posts category. I need to look into how to properly go about this.
  • The page will be rewritten for better clarity and a better technical explanation – This has been postponed, in lieu of Version 4 releasing in April 2020.
  • The Dovetail’s DLC page will be updated.
  • The home network setup page will be updated – Done
  • The What’s my current backup phone will be removed. – Done
  • The portfolio will get some minor updates to the about & contact pages.
  • I might work on the PyWeather archives more.


One other change: The status page running at will be deprecated sometime in March 2020. The software that I use, LambStatus, is being EoL’d in February 2020. More details about this later.


(Edit, 2/2/2020): Happy Palindrome day! I’ve been very busy the past few weeks so I’ve had to postpone the website updates to February 2020.

(Edit, 2/24/2020): Unfortunately I’ve been super busy with Version 4 and haven’t had a lot of time to work on the website. I’m slowly rewriting pages and getting them updated in the next few months.

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