The portfolio is now live! Hurray!

After dozens of hours of hard work cropping photos and making media, I’ve finally released my portfolio to the world. You can visit it at, or by clicking on the Portfolio link in the menu bar.

The portfolio features seven projects that I’ve made from 2016 and on: The Snow Day series of products, GC-QA,, CenHud Outage Trends, and PyWeather. I did plan on adding projects such as CollegeSpamChecker, OKToFly and the GC Error Analyzer, but due to time constraints I wasn’t able to get these done, and I just don’t feel as if they’re important projects in the scope of what I’ve been doing.

Regardless, I hope you can enjoy the portfolio if you’d like to take a more visual look at my projects. There are some modifications coming to the site shortly, including some videos for the Snow Day Dashboard, and a potential update for the video as well.

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