owenthe.ninja & o355.us deprecation notice

With owenthe.dev email finally up and running, the process of deprecating owenthe.ninja and o355.us is now underway.

Please see the dates below for important information about deprecation.


o355.us email forwards to owenthe.ninja – August 1, 2019

After August 1, all mail inbound for o355.us will forward to owenthe.ninja.

Additionally, this is the general deadline for when any services running on o355.us email should be moved.


All o355.us subdomains will transfer to owenthe.ninja & owenthe.dev subdomains – August 15, 2019

On August 15, any subdomains running under o355.us will be removed, and transferred to owenthe.ninja and owenthe.dev subdomains.


o355.us will stop redirecting to owenthe.dev – October 1, 2019

Beginning on October 1, any requests to o355.us will no longer automatically redirect to owenthe.dev, and rather instead a custom parking page.


o355.us email will be archived & stop working – October 15, 2019

On October 15, all o355.us email accounts will be archived and saved in a backup. Once this archive is done, all email will stop working.


After October 15, o355.us will be unsupported, and will eventually expire.


All owenthe.ninja inboxes will be replicated with owenthe.dev inboxes – June 15, 2019

On June 15, all owenthe.ninja inboxes will have an identical inbox with owenthe.dev.


owenthe.ninja mail is forwarded to owenthe.dev – June 15, 2020

I’ll have to set a reminder for this, but to give time for services and such to naturally adjust to owenthe.dev, email aliasing to owenthe.ninja will begin in June 2020.

While this was previously scheduled for November 2019, I’ve decided to push it back some so that I have enough time to naturally get emails to hit owenthe.dev.


owenthe.ninja will continue to be supported and active until I get another domain to replace owenthe.dev, or another unforseen circumstance requires me to shut down owenthe.ninja.

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