owenthe.dev Website Updates – June 2019

Every month, I go ahead and make some changes to my website. This month is no different. Here’s what’s changing for June/July 2019:

  • The front page has been updated to make things a lot less wordy.
  • (1/3 pages complete) The Snow Day Predictor project has split into three separate project pages – The frontend predictor site, the frontend dashboard, and the backend API. This is so the Snow Day Predictor page isn’t 2,000 words long. Additionally, the frontend predictor site page will be rewritten.
  • The Dovetail’s DLC page has been updated for the latest DLC
  • Every project page now includes a TL;DR summary of the project (except for very short project pages), so if you don’t have a ton of time, you can quickly catch up on what each project entailed.
  • (Upcoming) The About page now includes some minor updates & rewording to better explain about me
  • (Upcoming) The Project Versioning Tracker now includes explanations of each development status, and projects will be updated to better reflect current development state
  • (Upcoming) Redesigned music mirror pages with Bootstrap

Additionally, server changes are also coming:

  • owenthe.dev email is working! I’ll be changing contact information and such in the coming days.
  • (Upcoming) Other internal server changes to keep the web server optimized and running well.


Anything tagged with (Upcoming) is upcoming, and will be worked on. All changes should be complete by mid-July 2019, depending on if I forget that I need to update my website, and depending on how lazy I get.

Regardless, please look forward to these upcoming changes.

July 7, 2019 update: There’s still a lot marked with upcoming. Why? I’m busy. I’ll get around to it soon.

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