Status page broken for the rest of this week

Update (5/17/2019): The new status page is now online.

This week, a lot of things have broken. My personal Home Server 1 wouldn’t come alive after imaging, and now, the status page is down.

The main cause of this is due to the fact that I decided to upgrade the entire server to PHP 7.3 for no good reason. WordPress said to, so I complied.


In the process, the status page I use, Cachet, broke with it, since the latest version that’s good only works with up to PHP 7.1, which is no bueno.

Cachet is in a weird phase of development from what I can tell. The latest stable version is v2.3.18 which only works up to PHP 7.1, and then 2.4 is not released, but mostly released, and supports PHP 7.3.

So, to solve this issue, I’ll likely be moving over to a different status page monitoring service, namely LambStatus. It’s a free alternative to Cachet, but on the sad side HAS to run on AWS. It has a nice minimal design, and has the ability to support graphs by posting data to the API every so often. I’ll have to figure out how I can monitor my own API response times and other stuff like that.


I’ll be fixing the status page in the coming days. Unfortunately, I have a lot of not-tech work to do (aka school) this week, and given that Home Server 1 is still recovering, it’ll be a while before the status page comes back online.


Thanks for your patience.

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