More site updates

Hi everyone, while I’m currently busy fixing PyWeather, I decided to quickly update you on some upcoming things on the site.


First off, I’ll soon be posting a page about what I did for summer 2018. For the record, no NDAs were involved, but I thought I’d wait some time before posting it to the site. (I also need to write it at the right time to not have Yoast SEO go “AARGGH OWEN YOU ARE BIG BAD AT ENLIGSH”)


Second off, I promise I’ll fix the issues with menus and such. It also seems as if on Chrome 69 on mobile, scrolling gets abruptly stopped at times. Fixes are coming soon.


Third off, I still have some project pages to update! Namely, I still need to rewrite the SCMC page, and add additional details to the PyWeather page. I also need to go around and do some minor rewriting.


That’s it for now.

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