I got a copyright notice for an archived site. Weird…

So a long, long time ago I ran a site called LAN Virtual Airlines. It’s currently just sitting in the archive doing absolutely nothing, until today that is.

I got a lovely email from what appear to be LAN’s legal team saying that I “need to take down the website”. I was going to eventually remove the site to clean up my web server, but I guess this was a reminder?

Anyways, here’s the email.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company, AXUR, represents LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL in issues involving the violation of intellectual property and fraud on the Internet.

LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL is the only company authorized to use the trademark LAN and owns or licenses numerous trademark registrations worldwide, including, but not limited to the following registration number INPI: 825816076, 826375154, 900692677.

The trademarks, logos, words and phrases registered by LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL shall be exclusively used by LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL and any other use by a third party constitutes a trademark infringement.

It has come to our attention that your website provides related content (see attached) to the trademark LAN without having obtained prior written authorization from LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL. By using this trademark on your website, you are creating a Likelihood of Confusion between the trademark LAN and your website.

Furthermore, by misusing the trademark LAN on your website, you are also diluting its use, because it weakens the ability of brand identification as a single source of research and may lead consumers to believe that there is some association between LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL and your website.

Official Website: https://www.latam.com | http://www.tam.com.br | http://www.lan.com | https://tamviagens.switchfly.com/adm/

Considering the violation of intellectual property rights of LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL on your website, we kindly request that you remove all content available on the attached URL(s) which use the abovementioned trademark without having obtained prior authorization.

In order to avoid a lawsuit from a federal court, please, send confirmation that this email was received along with your guarantee to comply with the requests reported above.

Under penalty of perjury, we affirm that AXUR is authorized to act on behalf of the LATAM AIRLINES BRASIL and this notification is in accordance with International Regulations of Internet and Intellectual Property Offices.

Should you require further information or should you prefer to discuss this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us through the e-mail address listed on the signature of this message.


Legal Team



Here’s a few fun tidbits about this.

Number 1: The team who filed this took a big L by leaving in the referrer link to their internal issue tracking system. Full link:


In case you cannot read this, here are some attributes:

  • Category – Notification Verified (Registered?)
  • Domain Status – On hold?
  • Ultimate notification – Start of day -6
  • Priority urgent
  • Internal treatment – Final collection?


Second off, why go after a dinky little website? This is seriously just an out of use site, that 1 or 2 people visit on a daily basis. It’s also non-commercial (it’d be different if it was commercial, and then I’d take it down)

Third off, I’ll just acknowledge that I received it, and take it down when I have the time to. I’m currently busy with PyWeather QA, and before I take it down.

(really this is the final edit: actually i’m not putting it back up online, it was a big security hazard with all the shady plugins it used…)

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