Cleaning out my web server

I’m a messy person (and I can’t track stuff), and that clones itself over to my web server. I have MANY sites that aren’t used, and probably things on my web server that I don’t even know of.


As such, to conserve precious disk space, and save myself from insanity, I’m going to remove every site on this web server, except for the one you’re looking at.


However, I’m all about keeping things archived, and keeping a safe copy of my work. As such, before I begin, I’m using HTTrack to clone every site (even making public some closed sites), and doing a full backup (including MySQL databases) before I start. That also includes the ‘out of extended support’ sites.


Work is beginning today, and should drag on for a few months. I’m also letting all free domains I own, and all but two domains expire. I’m keeping these details confidential, however.


So, that’s that. If my web server is slow over the next few days, it’s probably since I’m running HTTrack.

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