Getting faster Wi-Fi speeds on a Realtek RTL8723BS

Want faster Wi-Fi throughput on a Realtek RTL8723BS? Speeds too slow? Here’s how to improve speeds (at least in Windows).

Open up Control Panel, head to Network and Internet, click “Change adapter properties”. Right click on your Wi-Fi connection, and click Properties.

You’ll want to click Configure in the popup window, and then hit the Advanced tab. Click Antenna Diversity, and set it to disabled. This is what should give you the faster speeds.

You can also try running a run with Antenna Diversity enabled & disabled, recording the speeds, and using the Antenna Diversity setting that yields the fastest speeds.

For me, with Antenna Diversity enabled, I was getting around 1 MB/s in file transfers on my 2.4 GHz network. With antenna diversity disabled, I now get somewhere around 2 MB/s to 4 MB/s in my file transfers.

This was tested on the HP Stream 7, results may vary on different OSes, and on different networks.

Hope this helps!

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