Woah! A random site update!

After pondering for 3 minutes, what should I do tonight? No Cities:Skylines, not in the mood. No KSP, not in the mood. Python, meh. My website! That needs an update.


So, I did just that. I’m actually 80% done with site updates. Here’s what changed in this round of updates:

  • The front page is redone. The 3 text columns focus on my skills, and the history was moved to the about page
  • I redid the About page, which showcases my history, along with some other fun information
  • I added 3 more projects, in which those are now featured
  • Of course, I updated the Dovetail DLC page.

Some other updates I may consider doing:

  • Updating the theme to a different one. Unfortunately, in which I’ll ramble on this later, any good themes I want cost $60+.
  • Separating old/new projects, and “archiving” old projects
  • I need to eventually archive unused websites, but doing that is a slight pain. When I do the OVH migration, I’ll likely go ahead and migrate websites then.
  • Adding a privacy policy to this site. That’s important.

A much needed update has finally arrived.

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