My terrible experiences with GGServers.

GGservers is one of those companies that offers cheap Minecraft hosting, and boy is it a disaster. I guess I’ll tell you why NOT to switch to GG.

First, the background. I wanted a host for my Minecraft server. I had about 55 plugins, and 23 worlds. I run the server with 4 GB of RAM on my home computer, and needed to move. I had ran it before with 3 GB of RAM, as an FYI.

I decided to go with the iron plan, 3 GB of RAM for $9/month (Way too good to be true…), and the extra $3/month for a dedicated IP, so my domain would work.

Signing up was easy, pay with PayPal, and the server activated within 2 minutes. The first trouble, was I couldn’t log in to FTP, but that was a quick fix, changing the Multicraft password. I then proceeded to upload the server, which took about 40 minutes to do so.

As a quick note, the panel was slow, and there were about 12-16 servers running at once, probably even more on the same panel. You’re kidding me? When my server was starting up, FTP and the panel slowed to a crawl. And hey, the built in Spigot 1.8 jar didn’t even work, I had to upload my own from my existing server, and that worked.

I proceeded to start up my server, and it was god damn slow. It easily took a minute to start up the server, and often, when I tried to join, the server crashed. No, I’m not joking, the server crashed. I was using up all my RAM, but I had used 3 GB of RAM before, with no stupid issues! I deleted worlds, and plugins, and left the ones that made the server at least function, still 92% of memory used, and it crashed eventually in the end.

In the end, I decided to cancel GGServers. The good part, they have a 24 hour money-back guarantee, so I got my money back (EDIT: Never got the money back…scammers!)…but in the end, it’s an OVH reseller. You all know OVH is somewhat crap, used to host illegal stuff, but I’m not sure why 20 MC servers are running on one system at the same time…that’s…erm…interesting. I’m moving to professional hosting, like MCProHosting, in which I could probably run the server with 2.5 GB of RAM, but then again, they are costly. I’m still looking for a mix between budget/premium hosting.

So, if you’re looking for a Minecraft host, do not go with GGServers, unless you’re hosting a small SMP server, or just a server for friends to have fun on. Otherwise then that, GGServers will crap your server out, and that’s the end of the story.

On a side note, the support was professional, and good overall. At least that’s good?

But honestly, don’t use GG. If they are good game servers, they should be good, at the very least…but from my experiences, it’s a total piece of shit.


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