My AMAZING experiences with HostGator.

Honestly, I just did a crap review of GGServers, but now we move to HostGator, one of THE BEST budget hosting providers, that I use.

First, the background. I’ve been using HostGator for about 2 months now, hosting a good bit of websites. I pay for the baby croc plan, for unlimited domains, just in case I expand on my site, and it only costs about $8/month. I gotta say, but HostGator is one of the best hosting providers out there.

First, performance wise, my websites load at an average to above average speed, which is great. WordPress and MyBB, along with OsTicket and Mantis run great, and I consume about 13 GB of disk, with no issues. There is unlimited disk space, but it’s limited to 970 GB, which is practically unlimited.

First, let’s get to the good stuff. The panel is the usual CPanel, but what’s great, is you can do, and it goes straight to CPanel. There is a security token system, which does improve on security, which is also great. There is an included HG theme for CPanel, I don’t use it, I use another one, which has quick access at the top, to cut down on times that I’m in the CPanel. The panel is perfectly fine, it’s not blazing fast, but not crappy, and I like CPanel. For support, it’s good, but sometimes, wait times can hit 20 minutes, or more, nothing like Namecheap, but the support can help with issues. I had an issue at the beginning with FTP access, and the person solved it within about 3 minutes. SQL databases and domains are unlimited, along with bandwidth, which is great since I’m doing FTP backups every week or so. Having all the full featured CPanel features are also great, and you can even see system status, like o.o. Ease of use, it’s sort of easy. With the build in help me panel, and the support center, you probably should be able to find your way around CPanel.

But then, to the bad. Sometimes, support can be a little on the unprofessional side, or not really understand the question you’re asking. But that’s it.

Overall, if you’re looking for cheap hosting, HostGator is the way to go, since it’s almost like a professional hosting platform.

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