#piekitkat2k15 (iD 2015)

In 2015, at the usual iD camp, it was the last week, some instructors didn’t get pied yet, and obviously the battle for the last pie was on. Most everyone wanted Kit Kat (one of the instructors) to get pied. I ended up making a website overnight, at my house, in about 3 hours, for the campaign, and it was a huge success.

Made with WordPress, and the Parallax theme, the site had some quirks, and the creation process failed once, but it turned out great. The site got around 1200 hits, and as a slight prank, the site was on everyone’s laptops in the morning (since I got there at 8am, before the overnight campers, and before anyone else really). We had staff, and a game made by Dennis, a good friend of mine at camp, and it was super cool.


Yes, KitKat did get pied. I have the slow-motion video somewhere. I was the one to also do the honors.


The website can be found at http://piekitkat2k15.owenthe.ninja

(Subdomain is broken – Use link in archive for now)

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