Static web archive is now online (mostly)

As promised with the VPS upgrade, the static web archive is now online. This includes a good chunk of websites from my WinHTTrack collection, including most of the SurvivalCraft-MC Network websites. There’s also some older sites on there (Snapbot History, etc).

Right now, most of the archive should be working. There are issues with mixed content at the moment (probably an issue since is HSTS, not 100% sure), so some sites might not load correctly, images might be missing, etc. There’s also a few websites I’ll be putting on the web archive soon, but I need to strip some private information from those sites before I put it online.

I’m testing all the websites, noting what’s broken, and I’ll hopefully apply some fixes in the coming weeks. If you come across some errors in the archive, you can also leave a comment on this post (or email me, email is in the about page) so I can fix them.


The archive page has moved to the main menu bar of the website. If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, it’s just one click away!

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