I intentionally made a very popular Easter Bunny Tracker. Sweet!

Ever since my entry into this tracking space in 2017, my mission has been simple: Make things better.

After making tracking streams better, I noticed that the Easter Bunny Trackers that exist on the internet were shit.


To fix this, last year, I made a custom tracker for my first Easter Bunny Tracker live stream. Although the stream was extremely popular, there was one problem – The tracker was entirely private. It relied on WordPress, was very hacky, and was not ready for production.


Fast forward to 2019, and I decide to make another custom Easter Bunny Tracker, and I end up putting it out on the web. track.easterbunny.cc. I made the project post (which will be updated!), and then Easter happened.

And the tracker was damn popular. As in over 2,500 unique visitors, over 4,000 hits, and just about 20,000 requests for site assets.


I now own one of the most popular Easter Bunny Trackers on Earth, which is an interesting thing to now put on my resume.


See the project page for how it was done!

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