Depreciation notices – February 2019

Spring cleaning came early! I’ve decided to expedite the depreciation of some services I run to lighten up my web server.


Before I take down the sites listed below, I always make an effort to archive them, and save the files onto an external website. Here’s some info on these services that will be depreciated soon.


  • PieKitKat 2k15: Scheduled for removal on February 12 (downloadable files will be stored on Dropbox)
  • LAN Virtual Airlines: Scheduled for re-removal on February 14
  • Music mirrors: Scheduled for removal on February 11 (files will be stored on Dropbox)
  • Home Status: Removed on February 7
  • Old archive sites: Scheduled for removal February 13
  • New status page: Released, with more configuration coming soon.
  • Unused subdomains along with their records will be unsupported on February 15.

Before all sites are removed, files & SQL databases are backed up, and a HTTrack is made of the website. For sites that require me to post files online, those will also be uploaded on Dropbox and a light site theme will be uploaded.


Additionally, some additional changes are also scheduled:

  • Sites that run the depreciation theme will have JS/CSS files modified to load from my web server, instead of Google’s CDN between February 6-7.
  • The archive page will be removed on February 14.
  • Site updates will occur between February 7-9 to update/create project pages, update Dovetail’s DLC and others.


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