Mail server outage: Update thread

The mail server is now undergoing maintenance. Updates will be posted to this thread.

Update (7:36 PM EST): The upgrade is now beginning. Final provisions are being made.

Update (7:37 PM EST): No mail is being allowed in/out of the server.

Update (7:40 PM EST): Downloading final backups at this time.

Update (7:42 PM EST): Backups have been downloaded.

Update (7:44 PM EST): The VPS is being reinstalled onto Ubuntu 18.04.

Update (8:09 PM EST): The box is being reinstalled.

Update (8:19 PM EST): Backups are now being uploaded.

Update (8:25 PM EST): Backups are now being restored.

Update (8:28 PM EST): The backup has been restored. The VPS will be rebooted.

Update (8:32 PM EST): The maintenance has been completed! Mail services have been restored.

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