Explaining my new domain: owenthe.tech

Sometime last week, I had made a post detailing how my online name was switching from owenthe.ninja to owenthe.tech. I’ve decided to reverse that decision.


owenthe.ninja is quite the catchy domain name, and it’s first and foremost unique. I would absolutely buy a .coder, .techie, or .geek domain name, but none of those are available at this time. The next best thing still is .ninja to “show off” that I’m a ninja when it comes to what I do.

Yes, ninja does ring a bell in Japanese and Chinese culture, in America, and especially with my generation, ninja generally means a peraon who knows what they’re doing in a category. A football ninja, a soccer ninja, it means that person is really good at football, or soccer.


When it comes to names, the same generally applies. When I think of owenthe.ninja in an abstract sense, I think of me being a ninja (expert) in what I do. A coder ninja, a sysadmin ninja, you get the point.


But, with all good things comes a bit of a negative. While owenthe.ninja is a rememerable (everyone knows I’m Owen the Ninja), cool, rolls off the tongue easily, and a “hip” domain, in the realm of professionalism, it’s 100% a vanity URL. Most people don’t even think .ninja is a domain. That’s why I bought owenthe.tech, for a bit more professionalism, while maintaining some uniqueness.


So, here’s the deal. I’m still owenthe.ninja. I’m not changing that. I love my domain name. I’ll still be using my personal email under owenthe.ninja. However, for all professional use, I’m using owenthe.tech.


I’ll soon be setting up a mail server for owenthe.tech, but I still need to think whether I want to associate owenthe.tech with owenthe.ninja.


So, that explains that. I’m still owenthe.ninja, and I’m not changing that.


This is a phone written post. Sorry for any grammar issues.

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