April 2018 update-ish

It’s been four months since my last post. I’ve been doing some stuff (of course I always do stuff), and I thought I’d quickly update you on a few things that will be changing around here in the next few months.

Updating the infamous yet awful Code.org post

About a year ago, I made a semi-decent post about how I didn’t like Code.org. Unfortunately, it’s awfully long, and just isn’t professionally written. I plan to do a rewritten edition at some point, but I’ll leave the original article up.

New projects & updating old projects

I always love to reword my old project pages, and I’ll certainly be doing that again, along with providing additional updates on other projects.

You’ll be happy to know that I made my own Easter Bunny Tracker this year. I wish I was kidding. I’ll be codenaming it “EBT 2018” up in the top bar.

I still haven’t fully cleaned out my web server

Now it’s just an ongoing joke that I haven’t cleaned my web server up. I’ll be sure I’ll clean up my web server before I head to Mars (no one likes a 20 minute latency over SSH).


So, that’s the update around here. All is well, and I’ll be updating articles in the coming days.

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