Upcoming service changes – Summer 2017

As summer approaches, and I get more than 20 minutes/session to work on website stuff, there will be a few service changes over the summer to the stuff I host.

Let’s hop right in.

  • By June 4 – piekitkat2k15.owenthe.ninja and piestatefarm2k16.owenthe.ninja will be out of extended support sites.
  • By June 9 – A new status page! I’ll be using Staytus instead of Cachet, since it just looks and functions better.
  • By June 19 – snapshotcraft.survivalcraftmc.net and survivalcraftmc.net/forums will be out of extended support sites.
  • By June 26 – survivalcraftmc.net/report and snapbot-history.tk will be out of extended support sites.
  • By July 9 – fantascript.tk and owenthe.ninja/minecraft will be out of extended support sites.


Quick note: For any .tk domains, I usually let them expire after owning them for 12 months. I may, on occasion, renew a .tk domain.


If you’re wondering what an out of extended support site is, it’s to free up disk space on my web VPS. While I love OVH for their super cheap VPS prices, the lack of disk space is a bit of a pain. Even with a minimal Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS install, I only had 9 GB when I got my VPS a few months ago. Yanking sites that aren’t in use but still consuming disk space allows for new sites to come on the VPS, and for future projects and stuff.

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