Site updates, yet again

Hi everyone. Just a few site updates here and there.


First thing, I redid the home page a little bit. The blocks now fit in with the white theme no, no they don’t. I’ll be making custom CSS changes when I feel like it, and I added a forth block, containing some other information.


Second, for some reason, DuckDuckGo (the search engine I use) likes to put the IFFG Virtual Airlines Leaks page at the top of the results when you search for “Owen the ninja”. Quite odd, but to prevent any issues, I deleted the page. Seems like you can’t ask DuckDuckGo to take down a search result, but I don’t think it’ll update in a timely manner.

Somehow, (one of the domains I own) still shows Owen the Ninja | bleh blah bloop (I do want to get rid of that), instead of the Extended Support ending notice. And that happened a few weeks ago.



So, that’s the site update. More changes are coming soon, so stay tuned.

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