Kubuntu 16.10 on a MacBook Air – My experience

I decided in my best fate to give a shot at using Kubuntu 16.10 on my MacBook Air. After about a week of daily usage, I’m going back to Windows, unfortunately.


In the beginning, all was well. I installed my packages, and programs, got Git working, but things were painful to setup on Linux. I had to deal with wakeups. Sound was broken. Things kept breaking. And, worst of all, performance was abominable when compared to Windows, with similar battery life. Even with custom power saving, even with TLP, nothing. Nada. I got most of this fixed, but it was a pain, taking hours on hours to fix issue after issue.


After about a week, I’m now deciding that I’m going to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop, but turn off Microsoft Telemetry features. Of course, when I get a new laptop (looking like a Dell XPS 13), I’ll certainly give it a whirl on Windows, and Kubuntu, and see which I like. In my case, in which I’m watching YT, coding in Eclipse, and browsing the net, Kubuntu’s mix of performance/battery life wasn’t there. On Windows, it was there.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Linux. I’m still planning on installing Kubuntu 16.10 on my desktop, in which concerns about battery life are nonexistent. Considering Microsoft’s backdoors all throughout Windows and Bitlocker, it pains me to switch back to Windows, it really does. I’ll be on the hunt for a good Ubuntu laptop. I’m still going to use Ubuntu Server on my servers. I’m still going to use FreeNAS on my NAS. I’ll still love Linux. I’ll have laptops around that are on Kubuntu. Because, I love Linux.


It really sucks I have to switch back. It does. But, with enough time and effort, I’ll probably get Windows to stop transmitting telemetry data, and have a good Windows experience. Kubuntu was amazingly pretty. The dark mode is fabulous. And I’ll reminisce at the days of using KDE. KDE is truly a gorgeous desktop environment, and I’ll say it now, it looks better than Windows 10, and OS X. By a mile.


I tried Linux, I had faith, but the combination of bad battery life on my MacBook Air (13″ mid 2013), and a bad performance mix left me with one option, go back to Spydows 10. So, I’ll long at the days of KDE, but, since my laptop will be Windows-only now (#100gbofextradiskspace), I’ll certainly set up a Kubuntu VM, without a doubt.


See you on the surveillance side. 🙁

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