This is interesting…

So, this is actually really odd.


If you don’t know, about 3 years ago, I discovered an exploit in which I could acquire a font from any website, for free. 3 years later (why 3 years?), for some reason, I got hit with a Copyright Strike, taking down the video, from good old Monotype. Odd. The way I found out was through browsing YouTube. I watch YouTube, so I was watching it on my desktop, and bam! It went through, about 20 minutes ago.


This copyright strike was odd. My video was showing how users could potentially exploit a website that had paid fonts. I didn’t know any better 3 years ago to tell websites that they could get exploited, so I just left it as-is. In those 3 years, websites have patched it, using images to preview fonts instead. Good on them!


So, just today, Monotype took down the video. Oh, I quickly want to mention, their site is vulnerable to this exploit, so…


I’m a believer in free speech. The exploit shown was just a little evening experiment, and I decided to show the public. This is a real exploit, and websites should of patched it. Did Monotype strike it for true copyright reasons, or just because they’re scared? When an exploit runs loose, you patch your site. And for sure, you don’t take down the video, in which the person behind the channel believes in free speech, and keeping things public. That’s a big no no.


After a little thought, I realized maybe it was because people used the exploit for web fonts, in which you’re supposed to actually pay for them. I thought people could use them for their paper, etc (3 years ago). So, it’s interesting. Anywhom, since I like to keep things I publish public, a general tutorial on the exploit I found is available on the “Free Fonts Exploit (2014)” page, under projects.

Since I have other things to do, I’m just going to leave it be. I probably won’t make an update video. If a video goes down on my dead YT page, who cares? To keep public knowledge, well, public, I have typed up a detailed explanation on a new page of my website, “Exploits”. This page exists for when I find exploits in software, from normal use. For newer exploits I manage to find (I’m not a security researcher), I’ll do the usual “email the company about the exploit privately, publish 1 month later” thing.



So, that’s all.

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