The big OVH migration: Update

Hi everyone! This is just a quick update on how the OVH migration is doing.


Right now, if you take a look at, there’s pretty much all green lights. All happy and good, right? Nope.

For a majority of those sites, they’re still being hosted by HostGator. The only domain that I have control over that I migrated it’s DNS to default is, For the other sites, HG still controls DNS.


That will be changing in the next few days. Throughout Feb 20-22, I’ll be migrating the rest of the sites over to my web VPS. Of course, a few services will get the axe, and here’s what got the axe so far:

  • SCMC Support Desk (archived)
  • 1/2 private domains
  • Private project (archived)
  • Anything running osTicket
  • SCMC mail (not in my control)

SCMC mail will be going offline on February 20, but will be coming up somewhere around February 24. I’ve made the decision to use Zoro Mail, as Mail in a Box (that’s what’s hosting my personal mail) does not support multiple domains.


You can find the complete list of what’s going down/up on, now proudly hosted by Cachet!

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