So, the end of 2016 is near. Here’s what’s left.

It seems like 2016 just started yesterday.


Anyways, right now, I’m (as normal) busy as can be. Between hanging out with my dog, working on many projects, maintaining stuff, playing games, and doing lots of other things, obviously, I’m really busy (well…I’m always busy).


Recently, I just took on two new *somewhat huge* projects. CS Realms, which is a local server system, built from the ground up. That, I kinda do EVERYTHING. Yes, my *really* good friend Max is helping around, but still, I’m leading that entire thing. It’s a huge project, doing a site, support system, forums, and managing the servers, phew. I haven’t gotten around to the forums, I’m saving that until when the project starts to get it’s wheels going.


And a second project, making an emulated ADDC (active directory domain controller) and entire logon system with my same *really* great friend Max! I’m hosting the VMs on my desktop, and helping around. I know nothing about them! Woohoo! But, it is really fun to work with him on the thing, and it’s hilarious how he’ll go insane whenever I point my phone at my dog.


Obviously, I need to maintain some projects, but I’m not doing that so much. Old projects and sites are getting occasional updates, but not as frequently. I did an all-around update of WordPress sites last week, at least that’s good.


Which leads me to a reflection on 2016. It was one damn huge year. Between switching to Android, and making vast improvements to projects, doing lots of cool stuff, it was one year, that’s still going on. I’m really happy of how things have turned out for 2016, even after hitting a few mental blockades, things are going really well.

I do quickly want to talk about The SurvivalCraft-MC Network, and why I’m happy I closed it down a month ago.


Honestly, I’m forgetting about the entire drama that happened, and the unexpected closing. I really thought it was time. There’s this era thing I have, the old and new era. The old era was Minecraft-related stuff, when I knew nothing about crap. The new era, was when I got into more advanced stuff, starting in Early to Mid 2015. SCMC was literally my only active project that was from the old era, and it had MANY issues plaguing it. I really started to fall off of the ball in 2016, and I wasn’t developing as I should, there were lots of staff corruption issues, along with server drama, but I enjoyed working on the project.

And I didn’t. Turns out, SCMC was a huge resource-waster, since it was something huge to just maintain, and keep running, not even mentioning developing. Literally, that server was the only reason I still played Minecraft. Ever since I closed it down, I’ve played it a few times. After shutting down SCMC, the hole of free time has been filled in with other projects to work on, and newer, greater things. Maybe I’ll restart SCMC, but most likely, that was the last run. I tried putting it up for some close server members and staff to host, but really, nothing came out of it so far.


So, for 2017, well, I’m starting to plan things for 2020. The “purge” year, as I dub it. Basically, 2020 will close Phase 1 of my life, and begin Phase 2. Pretty much, I’ll close down most sites and services. Maybe I’ll leave this site up at least, to transfer, I don’t know.


Oh, for 2017, I can’t say. I’ll work on stuff. Cool? Cool.


Alright, that’s it. Expect another post in a few months, when I tell you all about making sure the footer text on sites goes from (year)-2016. to (year)-2017.

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