The switch from DD-WRT to AsusWRT, how’d that work?

So recently, I flipped my router from DD-WRT to AsusWRT.

(oh my god i thought you loved dd-wrt! why?!??!?!!?)

Best answer, I got sick and tired of the heating issues. My CPU was CONSTANTLY running at 85C, and right now, there’s a difference you can feel in temperatures from DDWRT to AsusWRT. I’m actually not joking.

I also got sick and tired of the stupid issues of the WiFi going out randomly. Woo hoo. Anyways, here’s the entire process I took to go from DD-WRT to AsusWRT.


First, as some context, I wanted to lower my clock speed to 600 MHz in DD-WRT. I tried actually overclocking my router around a year ago, that failed, should of known ahead of time. No surprises, it really dun goofed. Had to 30/30/30 the router, wait some time, and after 10 minutes, landed on a fresh DD-WRT. Re-applied my settings, and all was good.


At 1:30am, the next morning, I decided, “know what, screw you dd-wrt”.

It started by attempting to upload the stock firmware out of the miniCFE web server. Note to self, it doesn’t work that way. The upload went 1% before the miniCFE web server cut out. Ok, that’s a problem. How about recovery mode?


That…worked! Hurray! I downloaded the .trx firmware file, and the Asus router recovery program onto an old home server I was restoring that night, and it worked flawlessly. The upload did take at least a few minutes, and the reboot took some time, but overall, I was back on stock firmware in 10 minutes.

Setting up AsusWRT as a piece of cake. All in all, to set up all the networks, guest networks, and some extra features, it took 20 minutes.


I did have another issue the following morning, where the Wi-Fi yet again went out, but fixed that quickly.


I get this is a horrible post, and it is. But, overall, it wasn’t too bad to make the actual switch, and I’m happy. The stock firmware seems like a DD-WRT-like software, and has some awesome features. I’ll talk about that in a later post.


Anyways, I’m happy.

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