How I like to update stuff around here

Since I haven’t gotten around to updating anything here, I’d like to tell how I update a bunch of stuff with the limited time I have, and the priorities.

When an update pends on a service, well, it pends until I get there. The way I put it in my “queue” is based on how popular it is. Out of around 15 services here, if a website places 13th on the popularity scale, meaning it gets an occasional update, I’ll work through any updates with higher priorities first.

For something like my MC server, which has 1st priority, anything that needs to get updated will get updated, no matter where I am. If I’m working on a service with the 2nd priority when it comes to popularity, and an emergency update is needed on the MC server, I’ll stop what I’m doing and work on the MC Server.


The only problem to this is a domino effect. If I’m dealing with 12 other services being updated, and I want to update the 13th most popular service, it can take a while, and be nearly impossible. Don’t worry, I know how to deal with that.

If a service has a pending update for 2 weeks, every week will bring the priority up by around 3-5 places, so the service will eventually get updated.


I have to function like this, and because I do have a busy life, and I like to relax and do whatever, I have to consider timewise what I can do for my other services. is my 2nd priority, but SCMC is the 1st, and now that SCMC updates have subsided for now, I can finally work on


So I’d thought you’d like to know about the way I function.

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